Introducing Swift Warsaw

Maciek has already written a great blog post about what Swift Warsaw is, and how it came to be. I just wanted to add my two cents.

The idea came to my head at #SwiftCrunch where I met a lot of great devs and wanted the spirit of hackathon to live after the event. I wanted to create a great community. The one that would like to meet regularly and talk all things Swift and more. The one that would benefit from such meetups and level up their and our knowledge about Apple’s “one more thing” for developers this year. I hope that we will accomplish exactly that.

Swift Warsaw logo

I would like to thank Macoscope in the first place, for being so kind to host the event and even sponsor it! And then of course my fellow friends working there aka Organizers Team - Maciek Konieczny, Jan Klausa, Wojtek Czekalski and Maciek Sienkiewicz for helping me organize the whole thing (first meetup is coming this week, on 31st of July! - events available on Meetup and Facebook).

I would also like to thank Dawid Woldu from Macoscope for helping us out with really neat logo and Krzysztof Siejkowski for supporting the idea from the start and for working on a first guest presentation for Swift Warsaw :)

Hope to see you all at Swift Warsaw #1 and many more to come.

Yours Swiftly,

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