Swift Warsaw 1 aftermath

So we met yesterday at Macoscope HQ for Swift Warsaw #1 event. And it went great! I would like to thank all for coming. It was really great to meet such a big crowd of Swifters and to-be-Swifters :) Hope our community will grow even further, see you at our next meetup (TBA soon)! 💬🍺👍

In the meantime here are the slides from yesterday’s talks:

“Swiftroduction - An Introduction to Swift” by Łukasz Kuczborski:

“Swift In Flux” by Jan Klausa: Also available on GitHub.

The last presentation, “Swift DSL Toolbelt” by Krzysztof Siejkowski, was created entirely using brilliant swift-playground-builder by Jason Sandmayer and is available on GitHub.

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