Two years of Swift Warsaw πŸŽ‰

It’s been two years since our first meetup. A lot of things happend in the meantime. We have a new place for our meetups (Thanks Syncano!), new sponsors (Syncano, 10clouds, Macoscope), we changed our logo. But what is most important is that we grew. A lot.

Swift Warsaw has now over 400(!) members. PEOPLE. This is why I decided to create this meetup in the first place. Community behind Swift Warsaw is awesome. I would like to thank all the speakers (always looking for new ones!) πŸ‘. There is never too late to learn. So come, join us, share the experience and have fun! We even created an official Slack group to make it easier for you.

So, Swift Warsaw is now bigger than ever. But this is only the beginning. And I hope many more meetups are ahead of us! 🍻

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